Preparing for your baby

The Bump to Breastfeeding DVD follows real women on their journey to motherhood and shares their experiences as they begin to breastfeed their new arrivals. This is a really good resource for you to enjoy at home and have on-hand for when you need a little help.

This is a video clip from Bump to Breastfeeding DVD - to view the complete DVD and learn more about the work of Best Beginnings follow this link -

Many women find it hard to imagine using their breasts to feed a baby and it can be even harder if your family and friends haven’t breastfed. The best way to gain confidence and find out more about breastfeeding is to meet mums that are doing it and meet health professionals that can offer you help and advice.

Breastfeeding Support Groups

There are breastfeeding support groups throughout the Wigan borough where mums can meet up to breastfeed and chat about any issues that they might be experiencing. We also encourage mums-to-be who would like to find out more about breastfeeding to come along and get some help and advice.

Find out more about our breastfeeding support groups here

Parent Craft Sessions

We also run Parent Craft sessions throughout the borough where you and your partner can talk to our friendly team about any concerns you may have and get advice on what to expect when you become a parent. It’s also a great way of meeting other mums-to-be and building up a support network for when you give birth.

Your midwife will be able to give you the details of your local Parent Craft sessions or you can find out more here.

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